In Christ Always
'n Paar van my sieninge

Hoekom mans nie wil kerk toe gaan nie

A man is driven by a desire to "matter" in the world, to make a difference. He
needs his life to have some significance, some higher purpose that
draws him out of himself. Notice how intrinsically men of differing cultures
share a principle of self-sacrifice for the larger good of their tribes or
nations. Podles points out that while women achieve transcendence through
bearing and raising children, men rise above themselves by going to war, and
laying their lives down for their country or people. During peacetime men turn
to sports (and work) to satisfy this urge for sacrifice. It is through sports
that a boy becomes a man, and when a man becomes too old to play the game, he
learns to live vicariously through the sport of others. Whatever his
occupation in life, he will completely draw his identity from
whatever "battleground" he chooses.
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