In Christ Always
'n Paar van my sieninge

The Patience of God

Can God run out of patience?

Can water run out of wetness?

God does not have all, God IS all.

It is so easy to look at the old Testament to prove that God is an impatient God,
but there are a few things to consider before a statement like this is made.

In the old testament, God was working with sinful man. All of the things that disgusted God
was caught up in the being He purposed to rule the earth. This being: Man, had only one
reason for being alive: a Promise, the Promise - Jesus Christ.
Was it not for this, God's anger and impatience would have overflowed long ago, as it did
at the Flood, but the lineage was kept alive.

Man could have been destroyed several times over, but everytime somebody like Moses or the
Prophets stepped in and reminded God of His promise to Abraham, that believers would
someday again stand in the place Adam was supposed to stand in.

But that is the Old-Testament prophet, talking for the Old-Covenant God

This is Not true in the new Testament. Did God change?
Absolutely not!! The environment changed.

God is now not dealing with the sinner and Sin anymore, He banished His son to the cross
as sinful man and there he dealt with every piece of Sin itself and every sin that ever
existed. But He delivered Him from all death and evil. He was now dealing only with His
perfect sinless,pure,holy and blamesless Son. Our reason for finding peace with God.

So now, God loosing patience with us is irrelevant, it can not happen. For according to
Him, we are now as holy and blameless and perfect in His Son as His son Himself!!!

He is not dealing with our carnal, sinful flesh anymore, He is dealing with His perfect
son now who is IN us. We now have a live inside of us which is completely acceptable to
Him, and that life which He imparted in us is the same life His son lived by and it is
the same life God lives by. So if He grows impatient with that life,we are in serious
trouble, because it means He is growing impatient with His own life! That would be catastrophic.

But what about sin then? What about our pride and our lust and our lying and cheating?

That is all dealt with by God ALREADY. What we are experiencing now is a reminder of
God's grace. Everytime sin wells up and we succumb to it, it reminds us of the grace God
bestowed on us,
simply because he accepted the sacrifice of His Son completely and no new sacrifice is necessary,
ONLY OBEDIENCE(but not as we know it from the old testament either) .

So what to do about sin?

We need to take it in faith to the cross, believing that is is all dealt with and I am
already forgiven and pray God for grace to keep from it.

So if it is pride, In Chris you will find All humility, If it is lust, in Christ you will
find All your desires fullfilled. If any other sin, In Christ you will find your forgiveness already given.

You are Spirit now, learn to walk in the Spirit. Sin and death holds no power over any
believer but the appearance of power is strong if we forget our position in Christ.
Sin and death are not to be battled, but to be taken to the cross where it was, is, and will stay forever.

Ofcourse, if you are not a believer, then you are already condemned, and this all means nothing.

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