In Christ Always
'n Paar van my sieninge

Not I, But Christ

Not I, But Christ

So often, so often, dear Master
When I think I am working for Thee,
Alas, in my heart's deepest chamber
The "Thee" has been lost in the "Me".
The cross that I thought I was bearing
Through love for my Savior, I see,
Had self-exaltation upon it-
The "Me" overwriting the "Thee."

Except that You dwell in me always,
Abide in my heart every hour,
Till self has been slain in Thy presence,
O'ercome by Thy love and Thy power;
The service, dear Lord, that I render
Contains self and vanity; can it be?
Indeed, no page I find but that always
The "Me" is yet mingled with "Thee".

But well do I know, blessed Jesus,
When you have the throne of my heart,
Then You are my strength and the Center
From whence every current doth start,
The "Me" is then lost in the fullness
Of that Life that flows only from Thee,
Oh fill me, then I shall be hidden,
The "Thee" to supplant all the "Me."

Lord, give me the grace to surrender
My heart, will, and being to Thee,
Not one cherished treasure reserving,
With Light and Life flowing freely
Oh! Take me, and mold me, and shape me,
Write "Thee" in place of the "Me"!
Let oneness with Christ be the outcome,
So the "Me" is transformed into "Thee"

Jeanne Guyon

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